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Year 11

You are about to enter one of the most significant phases of your life so far. This GCSE period will pave the way for so much of what comes next in your lives. You will be nervous and maybe a little bit excited, too, at this single chance to show off all you have learned.

We sometimes wish we could wave a magic wand to ensure that you get the very best grades that you deserve – but we can’t. This is it. The moment you’ve been building up to for months and years has arrived.
We have worked with several thousand students over the years, and we’d like to offer a few tips that we’ve gained over the years, in the hope that one or two of them might help you through.

You’re not on your own!

Revision and the sitting of exams can make you feel quite lonely and isolated. Whilst this has to be the case for the exams themselves, please know that there are so many people rooting for you: your friends, your families, your loved ones and your teachers and the support staff at Beaumont Leys.


Taking a revision guide from a teacher is not revising. Highlighting is not revising. Watching a video or staring at a book is not revising. You need to be doing something with the information – applying the formula, putting the quote in context, creating revision cards by topic and theme and adding your own thoughts and questions as you go. The best form of revision will vary by person. Sticking key info in places you spend lots of time – above the sink, on your bedroom wall – works well. Getting someone to test you or to listen whilst you explain a concept is also brilliant. Finally, attending your BOOST sessions will play a key role in supporting your learning – make sure you attend!

We are all here to help!

We all need help sometimes – even (or especially) those of us who appear to be coping really well and who smile and joke all the time. Identify your "go-to" person in school. If you’re worried about adding an extra burden to your already-stressed friends, make it an adult. We will go out of our way to make time to listen – and sometimes this is all you need. And many of us will be able to unearth a healing bar of chocolate from a drawer somewhere.

Please don’t make the error of assuming that those around you are all OK or that your "high-flier" friends don’t need support. In fact, they may need it most of all. Look out for each other. Kindness is my favourite human quality of all time. Be kind. To yourself and to each other.

‘Together we achieve success’


Key Events: (more will be added as the year progresses)

College Briefings


Start of UCAS Progress – 7th November 2018

College application process begins

Leicestershire Cares Mock Interviews – 16th January 2019

Opportunity for students to experience what it is like to have a ‘real’ interview with volunteers from organisations/companies in the local area.

We had great feedback form students last year who found it incredibly useful to them and their preparations for Post 16 interviews.

Careers week – 4th March 2019

Events for parents:

Futures Convention – 25th September 2018 6-8pm

This event is open to our Year 11 students and their parents. It is an opportunity to find out information about possible future careers and education. We have over 25 representatives from colleges, universities, apprenticeships and public services, ready to answer your questions. It is always a great event!

Progress Evening – 8th and 14th November 2018

Year 11 Celebration Evening – 11th December 2018

Subject Evening – 7th February 2018

Assessment Information:

Mock Week – 12th November 2018

Core Mock Week – 14th January 2019

Mock Week – 14th March 2019