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Year 10

Year Team Leader: Mrs Telford

As students enter Year 10 and continue with their GCSE learning experience, they are encouraged to make the most of opportunities which are presented to them. Not only will this give them an advantage as they write their UCAS applications next year, but it will also give them some positive information to discuss when they undertake the Leicestershire Cares Mock Interviews in March. Opportunities which will be relevant to their positive future selves for Year 10 include: attending any school trips/offering to take care of the virtual babies/having a successful work experience placement/attending BLS extra activities/ enrolling on the DofE award and being a positive peer mentor.
As well as taking part in these opportunities the Year 10 students are being urged to have ambition and aspirations. Effective tutor assemblies and tutor activities should support the young people within this year group to aim high and show their best selves. Accepting responsibility for their actions is also part of the learning/maturing process and the students in this year group are understanding that they are responsible for their own destiny.

Key Events: (more will be added as the year progresses)

Work Experience -1st - 5th April 2019

Draft application form - 5th & 12th September 2018

Complete final application form - 19th September 2018 (take it home to get it signed)

Student application deadline - 26th September 2018 (signed by parents)

Parent Event Thursday - 13th September 2018 (information)

Future Pathways College Placements


Going to Extreme’ assembly/talk - Friday 5th October 2018

Leicestershire Cares Mock Interviews - Wednesday 13th March 2019

Events for parents:

Progress Evening - Thursday 8th November 2018 4-7pm and Wednesday 14th November 2018 4-6pm

Year 10 Subject Evening - Thursday 7th March 2019 4-7pm

Other events:

Reading Week/Careers Week - Monday 5th November 2018

Anti-Bullying Week - Monday 12th November 2018

Learning Learning Day - Thursday 29th November 2018

Creative Arts Week - Monday 10th December 2018

Christmas Concert:- Tuesday 18th December 2018

World Book Day - Thursday 7th March 2019

Science Week - Monday 25th March 2019

Maths Week - Monday 24th June 2019

Health Week - Monday 1st July 2019

LLD Sports Day - Wednesday 10th July 2019

GSB Rewards Day - Thursday 11th July