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Year 10

The Year 10 students have been going all out this year to make the most of the opportunities being presented to them.  Here are a few things that the KS4 students have been involved in so far during their time in KS4:-

A group of  Year 10  students visited Loughborough University for the day – a day designed to help improve communication skills/ team building and highlight the ‘soft skills’ needed to thrive at university.  They represented our school in a mature and sensible manner, showing the older students at Loughborough University  how well the students at BLS work together, get involved in activities and what they are capable of.  Here is a picture of some of the students who are participating in a listening and communicating event:-  

Students working together as a team to lift the paint pots!

98 Year 10 students were also taken to Birmingham for the “What Career Live” event.  The event offers a unique opportunity to discover what options are out there for school leavers, including university, apprenticeships, sponsorship and on-the-job training.  Again, the students representing BLS showed their best selves and were a pleasure to be with during this trip.

10 boys from Year 10 were invited to participate in a Reading Project, aimed to encourage them, and others, to understand the importance of good literacy and reading for pleasure.  They were taken on a visit to Waterstones- where they, with some gentle persuasion (!) allowed us to take their picture with their chosen books.  This created a ‘buzz’ around the school, with some students asking why they were carrying books and the boys encouraging others to read – which can only be beneficial to their studies and grades.

The Geography Department arranged two trips to Bradgate Park for the students to undertake their  GCSE Geography Field Work.  It was a pleasure to see the students (and staff) having so much fun whilst completing their work.

Work Experience for Year 10 students was organised early this year.  All Year 10 students were offered a week of work experience.  Some students sought out self-placements, whilst others were placed by the school, depending on their interests and future career choices.  It was truly wonderful to see the young people in a different environment and making a difference.  Here are a few of the pictures taken during that week:

Student working at the Lexus Garage as an Assistant Technician. 

Student who was cleaning out the fish during his week as an Aquatic Assistant at Friends in Soggy Homes.

Showing how the students were given lots of responsibility during work experience week, with this student working as a Pharmacy Assistant for her self-placement.

A Year 10 girl, working as a Retail Assistant in the Body Shop, who were so impressed that they asked for her CV to be kept on record for future employment!

But the proudest moment by far was when two students, who both attended Sanatan Manavta Day Care Service and who both worked as Care Assistants,  formed a bond with the clients they cared for. The member of staff who visited them was impressed with the reports from the staff that the girls had made a big impact on the clients and would be missed.

Well done to everyone who participated in work experience.

There are lots more opportunities still to come for the Year 10 students. 

Wishing you all a happy and restful Easter Holidays

Mrs Telford

Head of Year 10