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Summer Revision Booklet

Hello Year 10,

Welcome to the English Blog!

Here you will find a collection of revision resources which cover all aspects of both English Language and Literature.

To help you get started, your English teacher will have given you a revision booklet to complete over the summer.
This is an opportunity for you to hit the ground running when you begin Year 11. There is one task for you to complete each week.

You can also download the booklet here or from Show My Homework if you lose it.

Have a wonderful summer!

BLS English

Literature Paper 1 – Romeo and Juliet and A Christmas Carol

Hello Year 11!

Less than two weeks to go until Lit Paper 1! Hopefully you are all knee-deep in revision of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘A Christmas Carol.’ Here are some revision resources to help. Use them to revise key quotes and themes and make sure that you know the texts really well. There are also some exam style questions for you to plan and have a go at. Aim to spend about 50 minutes on each question.

Remember that there is also a wealth of information and revision material online. Mr Bruff has detailed videos about each scene in R&J as well as key character analysis of ACC. 

"Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.”

Literature Paper 1 Exemplar Questions Booklet

Romeo and Juliet Key Quotes by Character

A Christmas Carol Revision Sheet

A Christmas Carol Revision Guide

Poetry Anthology Questions

Hello Year 11!

As the final countdown continues with only 34 days left until your first English exam, you should be at the stage where you are constantly planning and responding to exam-style questions.

Below you will find a resource with all the poems from the anthology along with mock exam questions.

At the very least you should plan a response and be prepared to answer any question.

To challenge yourself - practise answering some of the questions. Time yourself. Remember that the anthology question is worth 30 marks and you should aim to spend 40-45 minutes on it.

AQA Love and Relationships Mock Exams

Happy Revision!

5 A Day Revision

Five-a-Day English Literature

Hello Year 11!

Hopefully, the revision and preparation for your English Language mocks is going well. With only 82 days until you sit Lit Paper 1, you need to make sure you are revising Literature as well.

As part of your revision, use the ‘Five-a-Day’ questions below to help you keep on top of all the content. Aim to do 5 questions a day, they are short, sharp tasks - designed to keep you thinking about English Lit.

5 A Day Starters (PowerPoint)

While they are a good starting point, they do not make up for essay practice. Speak to your English teacher if you would like some exam-style questions to have a go at. Or even better, design your own questions!

Keep going - it will be worth it in the end!

Unseen Poetry

Literature Paper 2, Section C, Unseen Poetry

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words."

In the January Lit mocks, Unseen Poetry was the section that students seemed to struggle with the most. To help you feel confident tackling any poem, read through the advice in the booklet and have a go at some of the exam-style questions. If you need help structuring your answer, use the ‘Analysing Unseen Poetry’ sheet as a guide.

Unseen Poetry Revision Guide

The poem may have a deeper, symbolic meaning (be an extended metaphor, have a repeated image throughout), or it may be a simpler recount of something. Read the question carefully - that will tell you what the poem is mainly about. 

You need to make sure that you leave enough time to answer these questions, there are 32 marks available! You should aim to spend 30 minutes on Question 1 and 15 minutes on Question 2 - time yourself writing your responses.

You can also revise and prepare for this section of the exam by reading poetry and trying to work out the poet's message.

English Language

GCSE English Language Revision

Well done for all the hard work and revision you put into your English Literature Mocks Year 11! All of your revision has clearly paid off.

As we approach the English Language Mocks in March (and to help you prepare for your exams in June) you can find some revision resources below.

The exam guide provides an outline of each question in both Paper 1 and Paper 2, as well as writing frames to help you structure your answers.

Exam Guide

The revision booklet provides extracts and questions for you to practise. Speak to your English Teacher if you are still unsure about any of the questions.

Revision Booklet

Happy Revision!

Poetry Anthology Revision

As part of your English Literature Paper 2 revision, here are some poetry anthology resources which you might find useful. The revision guide has information about each of the poems along with advice about which poems compare well together. 

You will also find a set of flashcards containing key quotes and analysis. You could print these or use them as a guide to create your own.

Love and Relationship Poems Flashcards

Poetry Guide Love and Relationships

Christmas Revision Booklet

Hello all and welcome to our English Revision Blog!

We are starting up this blog to coincide with what will hopefully be a busy period of revision for you.

We have added the Year 11 Christmas Revision Booklet in case you lose your paper copy. You need to complete the tasks in it and bring it to your English lessons when you return on Tuesday.

Year 11 Christmas Revision Booklet

This page will be updated regularly with valuable revision material, including useful websites, documents and videos.

Please keep checking here for updates and please speak to your English Teacher if you have any questions or suggestions...

Happy Holidays!
BLS English