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What is APEX?

APEX is an exciting student leadership programme that was launched to Year 7 students in 2016.

The programme has been designed to develop key life skills and attributes that all employers are looking for and that embody the culture of the school.

These are:

Why do we need Student Leadership activities?

Employers, Colleges and Apprenticeship providers will all be looking for the same attributes as us and we want to make sure every student has the opportunity to develop them during their time at Beaumont Leys School. It is more important than ever that our students leave school as well rounded individuals ready to embrace the challenges they may face.

How is APEX structured?

Our aim is for all Year 7 students to complete a personal journey towards their own BLS APEX. APEX is built around the theme of mountain climbing and the willpower and determination necessary to reach the highest peak.

Students will complete three levels over the year. These are:

BASE: 5 entry level activities (1 for each APEX attribute)

ASCENT: 5 midlevel activities (1 for each APEX attribute)

SUMMIT: 5 higher level activities (1 for each APEX attribute)

Once they have completed the three levels, they may also opt to complete an additional challenging project focusing on one chosen attribute e.g. Organise a charity lunch for the elderly to demonstrate kindness.

How is APEX evidenced?

Each student has an APEX evidence booklet for each of the levels above. Time will be allocated for students to complete their evidence booklets once a week during tutor time. Students will be expected to collect evidence through completing their activities. Evidence can range from school based evidence stickers to photos and letters.

Once their tutor is satisfied that they have completed all of the activities for a level, students will be put forward to receive their certificate and badge during a special APEX assembly before they move onto the subsequent level.

How can parents or carers help their children achieve APEX?

APEX offers something different to students at Beaumont Leys and we hope that you will be as excited about the opportunities it will provide for your son/daughter as we are. We know that employers, colleges and universities value student participation in extra-curricular opportunities and the skills they develop through it. Please do talk to your son/daughter about APEX and encourage them to take up opportunities (at school and outside of school) of activities that can be evidenced as part of their APEX journey.

Who can you contact for further information?

If you have any questions about APEX, please feel free to get in touch with Mr Karavadra (Head of Learning for Life and Student Leadership).