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Year 11 Subject Evening - Wednesday 14th October

This evening will be an excellent opportunity within this academic year to discuss your son/daughter’s progress with their subject teachers.

The running of this evening is going to be different to previous parents evenings’ you have attended. You will have the opportunity to discuss their progress in a 5 minute virtual appointment with all subject teachers. We will require you to book your appointments with your son/daughter’s subject teacher through our online booking system, this will look familiar from when you have booked before. You will require a mobile phone, iPad, tablet, desktop PC or laptop which will need to be enabled with speakers and a microphone or headphones.

Online Appointment Booking System

As you will be aware, we book subject evening meetings online using the appointment booking system. This will be the same for the live video parents evening. This allows you to choose your own appointment times with your child’s subject teachers. You will then receive an email confirming your appointments.

Parent Quick Start guide:

Booking appointments

1) Log on to the our parent appointment booking system on or scan QR code below:

2) Enter your contact information, your child’s full name and their date of birth to log in (these details should match what is on our school records.

3) Book the slots with each subject teacher

Having your video appointment:

1) Log on same website as outlined point 1 and 2 above

2) A blue box will appear up to 60 minutes before your first appointment. When your appointment is starting please the ‘Start Appointment’ button. Be sure to allow permission to any audio and video access pop up if shown on your phone or computer.

3) Your appointments will automatically roll through the times you arranged, please be sure to press ‘Start Appointment’ each time. If ever an appointment doesn’t start then refresh your page.

Linked below you will find a guide on how the video appointments work in the Parents Evening System as well as a troubleshooting page for camera and microphone issues:

Parent Guide:


Please note that appointments are limited to 5 minutes and will disconnect automatically after this time.

Being a video appointment please ensure you are prepared in advance including being familiar with logging in etc. and that you are in appropriate surroundings in order to have a professional and purposeful conversations about your child’s progress.

If you have any questions regarding the Subject Evening or how to book your appointment please contact the school.

For any IT issues please email: and we will try to help where possible.

For a guide on how to use the system please click here.