Beaumont Leys

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Our Vision and Values

“School improvement strategies are outstanding and  there is a real rigour and relentless drive to continuing improvement.” Challenge Partners Quality Review 2012  

We have an ambitious vision for our school and high expectations for what every student and teacher can achieve.

We believe that embedding ambition and a sense of aspiration in students, and staff, have been the key drivers in transforming the culture and ethos of our school. This has been confirmed as an area of excellence for us.

Aligned with this we believe in continuous improvement: in developing leadership, improving the quality of teaching, insisting on good behaviour, and in having intelligent accountability at all levels of the school. We have been on a very powerful journey of improvement and have made significant improvements across the school.

We have developed a reputation for excellence locally, regionally and nationally. Putting  Beaumont Leys School ‘on the map’ has been an important strategy, the impact of which has been to inculcate a sense of increasing pride and aspiration in our students, as we continuously reflect our successes and growing reputation back to them. 

Our ambition is to be Outstanding and we believe we can do it.   

We communicate our ambition and values to students through a series of key messages which they hear all the time:

  • Be Your Best Self
  • Right Place, Right Time, Right Thing
  • Make a Positive Contribution
  • Be A Custodian of the Future
  • Dare Greatly – move out of your Comfort Zone
  • Together We Achieve Success

This last message is our school motto and is the first thing you see when you enter the school.

Dawn Parkinson