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2016 Examination Performance

The way that students success at GCSE level is changing.  There is now a greater emphasis on the progress students make rather than just on the actual grades they achieve.  This is a great step for us because our students make good progress and in some subjects, for example English, their progress is outstanding.  In addition, 16 subjects performed better than the 2015 National Average at either A*-A or A*-C level and 11 subjects continued to perform above National Average in one of these measures. 

We have included some of the old measures as well as the new measures below so you can look at improvements in performance and compare like with like.

New measures include:

  • Basics – the percentage of students achieving a C or above in both English and Maths
  • Attainment 8 – the points value of students best 8 GCSE grades (with English and Maths counted twice)
  • Progress 8 – the progress made by students towards achieving their expected grades based on their achievements at KS2. This score is 0 if every child makes good progress.

We are delighted to have seen so many students achieve great results this year and we have seen results improve across many areas.  We are particularly pleased to see the progress that our students have made.  Many of our students started Year 7 having thrived at primary school, although many others joined us with learning, and particularly literacy, difficulties, and so the results we achieved were all the more impressive.

    2015 2016 National Averages
Old measures 5A*-C + EM 49% 52%
5A*-G 94% 95%
3A*-A 15% 22%
New measures Basics 51% 54% 58%
Attainment 8 44.7 47.7 47.7
Progress 8 -0.13 -0.04 0