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Ofsted, Challenge Partners and Performance Tables

Our last Ofsted Inspection was September 2016. This was the first short inspection of our school after we were judged ‘Good’ in every category and overall in April 2013. Ofsted judged that our school continued to be a ‘Good’ school. The report said, “The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. You are determined that the potential of every pupil should be realised, no matter what the barriers may be to their success.” and “Pupils appreciate the culture of high aspiration that pervades the school and they thrive within the orderly, business-like and purposeful learning environment”.

To read the full Ofsted report click here.

To read the previous full inspection from April 2013 click here.

Challenge Partners review our school each year.  We choose this to happen so that we always know that we are meeting our own high expectations, and where we could be improving.  Senior leaders from other schools come to do this review and our senior staff go and review other schools too. This year Challenge Partners came in March. They judged us to be Good, and their report said that our school is “firmly within the Good grades as judged by Ofsted.”

Similar to Ofsted, Challenge Partners also looked at individual areas and judged them:

School Improvement Strategies:                                 Good

Outcomes for Pupils is:                                                 Good

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment:      Good

They also looked at our work around Whole School Literacy and judged it to be Excellent.

The report said:

  • Leaders, teachers and students are committed to the three core school values of Success and Ambition, Best Self and Positive Future Self. These values permeate everything that the school does.
  • There are many opportunities for teachers to engage in high quality Professional Learning and to share good practice within the school. All teachers are involved in regular Lesson Study, and there is a regular ‘3 minute CPD’ to share strategies.
  • The school worked closely with other schools to develop their own assessment system at Key Stage 3. Assessment is contributing to the good progress that students currently in school are making.
  • Students receive very good advice about the next stage in their education, employment and training with the result that the number of NEETs is very low.
  • An extensive pupil premium review conducted in March 2016 reported strong provision for disadvantaged students in the school. Ofsted confirmed this in September.
  • Students have very positive attitudes to learning. They engage with tasks set and enjoy their learning. Students also ask questions and they demonstrate interest and enthusiasm for learning. They show resilience when they make mistakes.

To read the full Challenge Partners report click here.

The Department for Education produces Performance Tables for all schools. Click here to access ours.