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Modern Foreign Languages

KS3 French    KS3 Spanish  KS4 Overview

We are a highly successful team who are committed to ensuring that all students reach their full potential and develop a joy of language learning.

The faculty is made up of 3 full time teaching staff, Sarah Meredith (SM) (Head of Faculty), Jamie James (JJ), Michaela Beall (MB) and one part time member of staff, Pepita Rodríguez-Dixon (PRD), who is a Senior Standards Leader in school.

As an innovative faculty we are constantly developing. We create all of our own resources and do not follow a specific text book. This enables us to tailor make resources and differentiate our teaching to meet the needs of individual students.  Students are set by ability which ensures they make good progress and have a real sense of achievement after every lesson.

Distribution of MFL teaching hours

  • Y7 – 2 hours of French per week
  • Y8 – 2 hours of French and 1 hour of Spanish per week (From September 2015, some students who have not studied French in Y7 in order to improve their literacy skills will study 2 hours of Spanish in Y8, and an extra reading lesson in English)
  • Y9 – 2 hours of French/Spanish per week
  • Y10 – 3 hours of French/Spanish per week (students can opt for 2 languages at GCSE if they wish)
  • Y11 – 3 hours of French/Spanish per week (students can opt for 2 languages at GCSE if they wish, should the Option Blocks allow it)

In Y7 students are initially setted according to their English levels, they are then re-setted after they have completed 2 assessments in French. In Years 8 and 9, students are placed in Set 1 or 2.  At KS4, students will be placed in sets where there is more than one group in the cohort.

Student Assessment

Students are assessed once a half term in one of the four skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking.

KS3 Homework Booklets

Students are given a homework booklet per module in KS3. This includes vocabulary for each module and a worksheet relating to different lessons in order for them to extend their learning at home independently. Homework is set once a week. Student who complete homework on time and in full receive a stamp in their Passport. Once the Passport is complete (8 stamps per term), students receive a certificate, pencil and are entered into a draw to win a Cinema Voucher.

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MFL Enjoyment and Rewards

Reward systems in MFL

In the MFL department we operate a simple points system to reward positive behaviour.  Points can be awarded points for doing jobs for a teacher, answering questions in class, winning a team game etc…  At the end of each lesson, the top boy and girl receive a BLS good news postcard home and a GSB point. Each term, the top scoring student in each population is awarded a £5 cinema voucher in assembly.

Homework certificates – Every time a student completes a page of their homework booklet in full and on time, their teacher will stamp a square in their homework organiser and make their own record.  When a student has completed 8 homeworks in full and on time, they will receive a pencil, certificate and GSB points. An overall winner from each year group is then pulled from a hat to receive a £5 cinema voucher.

MFL Trips Abroad

We currently run 2 trips abroad to Paris and Barcelona.

Paris every year in December. The trip includes:

  • Coach travel including pick up and drop off at school
  • Free use of coach in France
  • Return Eurotunnel crossing from Folkestone-Calais
  • One night’s bed and breakfast accommodation in a hotel
  • Collective passport
  • One full day hopper pass into Disneyland Paris

Barcelona every other year in July.  The trip includes:

  • Return flights to Barcelona airport
  • Coach transfers
  • Accommodation in a 3* hotel
  • 3 meals a day
  • Collective passport
  • One full day pass into WaterWorld, Lloret de Mar
  • Entrance into the Olympic Stadium and museum
  • Entrance into Poble Espanyol
  • Entrance into Nou Camp football stadium
  • Entrance into Parc Guell

Y10 Teaching Primary School Students

As a department, we are committed to providing opportunities for our students to develop their leadership skills and feel pride in their learning. Last year we took several groups of Y10 students to Woodstock Primary to deliver lessons in French and Spanish. This was extremely rewarding and enjoyable for all involved and really increased our students’ confidence and leadership skills. This is something we will continue to do in future years.


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