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The English Faculty believes in a structured, formal approach to developing the essential skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening whilst providing the stimulating environment needed to nurture creativity, originality and a love of literature.

In the English Faculty we aim to develop the whole child. We want students to learn about themselves, their relationships and to have an awareness of their place in a multi-cultural society, as well as to prepare them for the resilience needed to meet the demands of the 21stcentury.

We want to develop confident students who are effective and reflective communicators. We believe in fostering a love of reading and an appreciation of how language can inform, entertain, shift and provide ambiguities.

In essence, we wish to enhance the quality of life of the students who pass through our classes. Every student will be motivated to achieve their best in external examinations and, equally importantly, will have learnt the power of language. As teachers we want to be remembered by our students as having opened new world and sparked their imagination.

Throughout their time at Beaumont Leys School, students enjoy a range of writers including Shakespeare and Chaucer through to modern writers such as Michael Morpurgo and Bali Rai.

The English Faculty consists of nine specialist teachers.