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Year 10 students working alongside Cofresh

The current year 10 students have had the opportunity to work alongside an up and coming local business called Cofresh. They are an Indian snack company who have recently tapped into the key trend of healthy eating.

The company are working collaboratively with Beaumont Leys students to develop a new snack flavour. They were given a brief to work from.

Our students are very keen to get started on this project. On 12th November Beaumont Leys students have been invited to the Cofresh offices to present their ideas. A potential product may be chosen to launch into production. Our students have been involved in all the PR and product development.

What our students said:

“This was a great opportunity and something new for us to trial in the class. I’m really excited about the opportunity of our flavour being put into production”

“I’m excited for the chance to express our ideas and opinions to an established company. Also, their presentation was fun and informative as to what careers are out there for students interested in the food industry”

What Cofresh said:

“Cofresh snack foods are delighted to have been invited to present to year 10 Food Science students at Beaumont Leys Secondary School. We took them through a ‘real life’ process of how we identify, develop, manufacture and then launch a NEW snack within our business. The students were very engaged and asked lots of questions, appearing very keen to start the homework their teacher set them. We look forward to the students presenting their work back to us at our factory next month and who knows… we may take one of their ideas to full launch!”