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Welcome to Beaumont Leys School. We are very proud of our school and our achievements.

Together We Achieve Success is our motto and it is the driving force of the school. Our students thrive because of their effort and hard work, along with the skill, hard work and dedication of their teachers and the support of their parents.

We are a school with a heart and soul and we believe that our job is to give our students the best possible chances in life, creating some fantastic lifelong memories along the way.

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Important Notices

Parent/Carer Communications

For copies of our letters sent out please go to the 'Our Communications' page.

If your change your contact details, in particular your mobile number or email address please inform the school office.

Equipment Checks

We are currently having a focus on equipment. We are regularly checking students and are pleased to see the numbers with correct equipment increasing.

All students should always bring a pen, pencil and ruler, as well as their planner.

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Beaumont Leys School

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** Parent and Carer Update - 15th October 2020 **

** Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable for November 2020 **

** Year 11 Maths Mock Exam Letter - 15th October 2020 **

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** Virtual Futures Convention 2020 **

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